Welcome to Asian Star Co., Ltd.

Asian Star, a reliable Vietnam Ship Supplier & Repair, was founded in 2004 for responding to the wide range of customer needs in marine industry. Since then we have grown gradually into Ship Supplies & Ship Repairs. Thanks to year by year experience, we currently have the ability to offer our customers good quality products and great services.

Over ten year period is not too long in marine industry, however, this duration is enough for us to make a difference. Everything has been proved that where we have been and what we have achieved. Asian Star Company became an ISSA membership in 2014 and IMPA membership in 2015. This event has been an honor to all ASC Staff and the encouragement for us to strive for customer satisfaction.
Why choose us
Time saving: We commit to everything is always on time according to the expectations of customers and even 'just in time'.
Cost saving: We have always considered that customers’ benefits are also ours. Therefore, we are always looking for the best solutions in order to reduce and optimize the costs and other services.
Quality: For us, a Vietnam Ship Supplier & Repair, service quality is one of the key factors that bring success to ASC and its relation with our customers.